Laura G. Forman PsyD FAPA

Journey into Psychotherapy


Our experiences in life – relationships, career, family, childrearing and community – bring us joy and fulfillment, but also challenges, stress and loss, even anxiety, illness and depression. As young adults and adults, when these critical life events are left unaddressed, symptoms and stresses we carry can contribute to poor health, work problems, psychological issues, unhealthy behaviors, isolation and low self-worth. Clients with these concerns, as well as professional challenges, family needs, divorce and remarriage or relationship strain, can find a therapeutic home to heal and rediscover inner resources.


Psychotherapy is a working relationship, whether virtual or in person, which clarifies changes we need to make in our relationships and our lives in order to be healthy, manage stress, and find contentment and happiness. This working relationship can take
place over the course of weeks, or months, depending on the needs of each person or partnership.

Psychotherapy offers an atmosphere of trust, support and confidentiality during life’s most trying times with warmth, compassion and caring along with a deeper understanding of our emotional development through time, our dreams and the inner working of our minds.


My clinical psychology and psychotherapy practice is founded on 40 years’ experience providing training, writing and speaking internationally. I maintain a small, private practice geared toward personal, deep and consistent connection to explore needs, goals, and barriers to your best health, from short term work such as building communication skills or stress management, to long-term growth. You can view my CV by clicking on this link:

Dr. Forman’s C.V.

I have expertise in mood disorders, anxiety, sleep problems, separation, divorce, and remarriage transitions, workplace and career concerns, family conflict, co-dependency, body image concerns, infertility, parenting, anxiety, and communication problems.  I treat adults and couples. I am a Fellow of the American Psychological Association; a Diplomate in Clinical Psychology, and a member and past Secretary of the American Family Therapy Academy, the National Register of Healthcare Psychologists, and the American Board of Clinical Psychology.

I am available by telehealth over 22 PSYPACT states, as well as in-person work in my small, suburban office environment.

I accept most major healthcare insurance carriers, and our office can file claims on your behalf. Coverage for psychotherapy is part of every medical healthcare policy, and covers individual, partner-assisted and family meetings.